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Law firm Iulian Răduţ has experience in civil law and commercial companies in all aspects of the life of a company, but also in other areas of law.
The clients of the Cabinet enjoy a full package of quality legal services, including both legal advice and assistance and representation before the courts of law, as well as international commercial arbitration courts. Lawyer Iulian Răduţ offers law services at the highest professional qualification standards.
The guiding principle of our activity is that: the lawyer is the customer's confidant and counselor.
We provide solutions that support our customers to effectively develop new markets and grow existing ones. The Cabinet's work is based on in-depth knowledge of the legislative environment and our advice always takes into account the strategic and operational needs of the client.
We are able to carry out the following activities:
Civil law

- legal advice;
- drawing up notifications, summons, addresses, requests;
- claims;
- Law 10/2001;
- drafting contracts, statements in certified form and representation before the Public Notary Bureaus;
- medical malpractice
- actions for revocation;
- drafting contracts for real estate and construction acquisitions;
- finding actions;
- uzucapion;
- actions in default, obligations to do;
- successions.
- cancellation of heir certificates;
- actions of judicial split / out of individuals;
- divorce; Legal assistance and representation in divorce proceedings on common law and divorce by agreement of parties, division of common goods;
- minor custody, food retirement, etc.
- Legal assistance and representation before the courts, etc.
Commercial law
- legal advice;
- commercial contracts - drafting and attestation;
- assistance in negotiating contracts and transactions;
- legal assistance and debit recovery representation - forced execution;
- drafting requests and representing the clients in the forced execution stage of the court decisions;
- the payment order procedure;
- drawing up notifications, summons, addresses, requests.
Company Law
- legal advice;
- Assistance and representation in operations at the Trade Registry Office;
- establishment of companies;
- representation before the Trade Registry of the Bucharest Tribunal and the Ilfov Tribunal;
- drafting a constitutive act;
- amendment to the constitutive act;
- drafting additional acts, A.G.A;
- reservation company name;
- Obtaining a certificate;
- increase / decrease of share capital;
- transfer of shares / shares;
- join / withdraw associates;
- Appointment of administrators / censors;
- establishment / deletion of work points, branches, branches, representations;
- change of headquarters, prolongation of headquarters contracts;
- change of company name;
- operating authorization;
- completing objects of activity;
- modification of associated identification data;
- dissolution, liquidation,
- judicial reorganization, bankruptcy;
Arbitration in the FIDIC field
- Consultancy, legal assistance and arbitration representation applicable to FIDIC contracts, both before the DAB (Dispute Adjudication Board) and in the arbitration phase.
Arbitration before the Court of International Commercial Arbitration at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania
-consultancy, legal assistance and representation during the course of arbitration before the Court of International Commercial Arbitration at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania.
- the drafting of the arbitral proceedings, the appointment and the counter-claims, as well as other requests necessary for the arbitration procedure,
- the drafting of the Action for annulment, if appropriate, of the requesting form, as well as other necessary requests, in the course of the proceedings before the competent Court of Appeal.

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