Ioana Crihana

She has been working, for more than 20 years, in various leadership positions in highly competitive business entities: a government institution, a national Newspaper, a well-known Romanian Branding & Advertising Agency, a multinational ICT corporation and in the most representative National Library Association in Romania. She has got involved in various types of image approaches, from media images to advertising images and to corporate images, from branding and naming, to complex product campaigns and web platform design, from image identity building for organizations to strategic advocacy and public policies for prestigious entities from Romania and from abroad. With a Master Degree in Consultancy and Expertise in Advertising at the University of Bucharest, with focus on Radio productions and promotion and its impact on the contemporary society, she dedicated more than 10 years to different approaches of media image in culture and education fields. Getting involved in several development projects, she has expertise in creating, restructuring and revitalizing different products, services and organizational structures, and, also, in the implementation of some business plans and strategies for sustainability, both in private and institutional environment. As the Executive Director of the National Association of Librarians and Public Libraries in Romania, she has been involved in a series of partnership brokering activities in order to implement the most important national program of IT competences for public libraries - BIBLIONET – The world in my library, within the Global Libraries Initiative, with a budget of 26.9 million US dollars. She was, also, Project Manager in a large series of impactful projects as follows: EUSPHERE- advocacy project in the interest of public libraries in Europe, funded under the program PublicLibraries 2020; SEE Cultural Diversity – Cultural Agora @ Your Library; responsible in relationship with libraries within Shelf of Initiative Project - Development of volunteer programs in libraries, funded under the 2009-2014 EEA, NGO Fund, Romania etc. Since September 15, 2015, Ioana Crihană was admitted by contest to represent ANBPR as an innovative leader in the international network Future Libraries Library Network – INELI Balkans. This network, coordinated by Future Library Greece, is an interface for learning and professional development in the field of public institutions type library associations and libraries, including the management of cultural, library services and innovation, benefiting from participation as mentors and lecturers the most formidable specialists in librarianship and related areas globally. In this position, she developed and applied the PartneringStarter project. This proposal was declared winner in the context of INELI Balkans - International Network of Emerging Library Innovators projects contest and it was awarded with an Innovation Award, accompanied by seed founding for implementing this idea.